8 Tips For Choosing The PERFECT Engagement / Wedding Ring

One of the most daunting decisions people have had to make is who to spend the rest of their lives with. There are quite a lot of theories as to how to find the right mate and the things you should do coupled with those you should avoid but that’s a road explored by a lot of people. While we are not going to tell you how to find the perfect person, you would need to get that stone once you’ve decided on who it is.

The perfect engagement ring would depend on a lot of factors including taste and of course size. Most people are worried about getting the wrong ring because they really do not know what their partners would like and don’t want to be obvious by asking them about it.

The perfect ring isn’t about the cut or size or clarity of the gem and suitability of the ring itself, it is only perfect if your partner acknowledges it and loves it utterly. This is what makes it perfect. It could be a yellow diamond or one that is eco-friendly but if your partner adores it, that’s all the perfection you need. So here are some tips to get that perfection.

Get Her Specs

Now, this is the most important part of the whole process. Since you will be getting the ring for her, you would need to understand her taste and what she finds attractive. You could do that by going through her jewelry set. This will help you understand if she likes bigger or smaller stones and if she prefers gold / white gold bands or silver or even platinum. You would need to understand her style in jewelry and whether she likes colors or if she likes to keep them plain and quiet.

Use Family & Friends

You may need to use her family and friends to get to know what she really likes. Have them ask her for her ideal or dream engagement ring and as much as possible work towards that. They would need to keep it under wraps so it still turns out a surprise but this could be the way to go. While some couples would not mind proposing without a ring so she could pick out her favorite later, others and a greater population would prefer an engagement with the ring. So if you don’t want to get it botched, resort to family and friends.

Pick Out The Right Band

This would depend on what results you got from her family and friends. Some people prefer gold bands while others love silver but be sure to pick out something she loves. So there is gold which you already know, there’s white gold which has an off white color and is basically gold mixed with other metals, there’s platinum which is very durable and of course silver which is very rare but also less expensive. Picking the right metal would also include picking out the right setting for whatever stone you intend to place on the band and of course the right style.

Don’t Forget The Size

This is something you should not take lightly. It would be very disappointing to buy an engagement ring that isn’t her size. So be sure to do everything possible to get her perfect size. Measure the size of other rings she might have or better still sneak it out to the jeweler just so it could be measured properly. When you eventually purchase the ring, you could try a dry run by putting it on her ring finger to see if it fits but this should be when she’s asleep.

Be sure to buy the right diamond

Diamonds are the classic engagement ring but you should make sure she wouldn’t prefer some other stone. With diamonds, you need to check out the 4 Cs before purchasing it.


The cut would determine if the diamond shines very brightly. Usually, the round cut has more sparkle than any other cut. So make sure to choose a cut that will cause the diamond to sparkle and glow.

Ring Cut & Sizes


Carats determine the weight of the diamond. The higher the carat, the more expensive it gets.


A diamond that is colorless is more ideal for an engagement ring.


Usually, diamonds have levels of imperfection because they are formed naturally. Just make sure the imperfection isn’t one to be seen by the naked eye.

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Choose something practicable

As much as possible, when looking to pick out an engagement ring, consider its practicality. If she’s an athletic type, then buy something that doesn’t have large stones. Something that can withstand the constant wear and tear of all the activities she might be involved in. If on the other hand, she is the model kind, be sure to go for all the large stones that will set her apart.

Consider your budget

While it is fashionable to exhaust 2 months salary on the perfect engagement ring, you should be sure not to break the bank. This is a long term investment which you should plan for. Set out a budget for the ring and work towards it so you are not caught off guard. And as much as possible, work with your budget. You don’t need to go into debt just to buy a perfect ring.

Get it insured

Some jewelry stores offer insurance for the ring while for some others, you’d need to take out an insurance policy. This ring is likely to be one of your most prized possessions and so you need to make sure it is safe in the case of an eventuality. The best way to do this is to ensure the ring right before you even pop the question.


Now you have the right tips, so go ahead and get the perfect ring. You could even go with her friends or family so you could get another view of your choice. Be sure to have fun while at it!

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