How To Save & Cut Your Wedding Costs In 1/2 With Professional Wedding Lighting?


Is Wedding Lighting Even Important?

Every wedding is different and most wedding receptions take place at night. Couples spend countless hours looking at wedding pictures online and visiting wedding expositions, getting ideas for their big day. When the big day comes and the sun sets, the styling, and even the reception location they have chosen, looks okay, but it looks completely different from what they had in mind. The expensive drapery, the flowers and the beautiful cake is there, but the elegance you dreamt of all those nights in advance is not there. You have already paid so much money and there is absolutely nothing that can be done now.

What went wrong?? You look around and see everything you asked the decorator for, with the chandelier dimmed and EVEN the Lighting the decorator said they will provide.

You guessed it –  Their Wedding Lacked Proper Professional Wedding Lighting, Which Consists of Controlled Overhead-Lighting AND Uplighting.


Cutting Your Decorating Costs In 1/2 With Lighting

Many couples will tell you they wished they saved on the exorbitant prices of flowers and draping decorations, and wished they had spent more on lighting for their wedding. Why?

Lights are what can make your space look ethereal and romantic, as well as put together. Think of the way that darkness and light are used in theatre and the arts. Stages are transformed into entirely different worlds and time periods. These same principles are applied when it comes to weddings and this is how professional computerised lighting shapes the way your wedding feels and looks.

You don’t need that excessive amount of fabric to hide blemishes in certain parts of the room or to ‘bring out’ the beauty in another area. Lighting is the first thing people notice when they come into your event venue, once done properly, and then they look at your decorations. If there is a blemish in one area, you just dim the lighting there or shine a soft colour, so as to ensure that it’s elegantly hidden. Shadows dancing on the edges of the room can make your space right out of a dream.

Lighting makes a huge impression on your guests and mood. It’s the big element that links all of the table decorations, flowers, and meticulously ordered dinnerware together to create the look.

Full Room Lighting


Save Money On Your Event Venue

Lighting decor has the ability to transform any space to unrecognisable proportions. Indoor venues are often limited on what can be put on the walls, hung from the ceiling, etc. Often, the venues that do have the rigging in place with installed lighting are not cheap (even if they offer chairs and tables with the ‘package’).  Professional Mobile Wedding Companies know exactly what the do’s and don’ts are at most venues and are almost always able to work around these rules, transforming your event venue for a fraction of the price at venues with installed fixtures.

Use lighting to transition from your wedding ceremony into reception

Are you planning to use the same venue for your reception as you did for the ceremony? Completely change the look of the venue with computer-controlled full-room lighting. Your lighting technician may control the over-head lighting to shine a bright natural light for the ceremony, and then for the reception ceremony… change the overhead lighting scheme and dim the lighting to the colour scheme of your event, turn on the uplights on the walls  around the room, have your names digitally rotating on the floor. When your guests return to the venue, they will not believe it is the same venue they were in before.

A little later in the night you will want people to get out on the dance floor. Your Lighting Technician will turn on the moving heads and synchronise the party lighting.  A good lighting designer can shift the focus of the room to the spaces that you want to highlight and draw people to the most with spot-lighting. For example, when it’s time for the first dance, they can lower the light at the tables and highlight the dance floor in a subtle, but eye-catching transition.

Add an elegant mood to any venue, the likes of which will never be possible with chandeliers even if they have dimmers, with professional computer-controlled wedding lighting. Your Lighting Technician will Opt for soft colors for the uplights such as pinks and purples, changing their intensity over the course of the evening and ‘colour washing’ the room from overhead, brightening and dimming as the need be. Sleek, pre-lit tables, which literally glow from within and offer a warm but contemporary feel. Illuminate venue walls with a cool gobo pattern effect, or project tiny stars on the ceiling above the dance floor. A moving design or video projection of beautiful florals or a bustling cityscape is another cool, techy option.


Maintain The Elegant Mood For Your Outdoor Event

You can help create a transformation from the ceremony during the day to the reception of the night. Light, and the absence of it can literally change the entire feel and dynamic of the space. Light is a powerful tool and one that can easily be used against you.

Couples adore the aesthetics of outdoor scenery and tents and love the practicality of having such a big space to work with. The biggest set back to these venues is the lighting. Ten Companies almost always offer fluorescent lighting with their tents or some small chandeliers that cannot be made brighter or dimmed. The reception becomes dark and hard to navigate, people struggle to see each other, and a camera flash blinds the crowd every fifteen seconds. Your event is ruined and everyone had enough.

Wireless Led Uplights and Some Wash Lights will do the trick, is easy on the pocket and will save your event.


Why You Absolutely Need A Lighting Technician On Site

Without professional computerised lighting, your guests won’t be able to see your hard work and your photographer won’t be able to capture it. After you have spent thousands on our photographer, even the best in the business can struggle to get those breathtaking shots if the lighting is poor. Let’s be clear, we are not suggesting shining strobe lights and pointing weird white umbrellas on the first dance or lighting the cake up like sears tower. Think more of giving the space a gentle glow with uplights, lit decorations, and subtle pillars that can make a world of difference for your photographer, that are not too dim and not too bright to kill the mood.

We hope, if nothing else, that this article has got you thinking about the different things that good professional lighting can do for your wedding and How To Save & Cut Your Wedding Costs In 1/2 With Professional Wedding Lighting. 


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