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Pyrotechnics / Cold Sparks

Our Pyrotechnics / Cold Sparks effect is used at anytime you need to create that unique element of surprise. Rent Cold Sparks for your event today!

  • Indoor Safe Cold Spark Effect
  • Not Real Flame & Low Temperature
  • You Can Touch It By Hand
    • 0 $

    Amount of times the effect is executed per machine


Excite and surprise your guests with a spectacular fireworks-like display. Our cold sparks machines are used for any type of event.
The biggest factor for choosing our cold spark machines for your event is that they produce little to no smoke or odors unlike traditional fireworks.


• Safe for Indoor and Outdoor Events
• No foul odor
• Height adjustable up to fifteen(15) feet.
• Quick setups
• Sparkular effect from granules

Q & A

What Are Cold Sparks Machines?

Cold spark machines are complex machines that shoot non-flammable sparks in the air from 5ft to 15ft high.

Are They Safe To Use Indoors?

Yes, certainly! Because the sparks that shoot up in the air only burn at around 15 degrees, they do not catch fire, even if you were to hold a piece of paper to it.

How Long Does Setup Take?

Setup time usually depends on the distance the unit is from the source of power as well as the distance to the controller. With electrical power and signal cords already run to the controller, setup can take anywhere between five and ten minutes per machine.

Can Cold Sparks Machine Leave Residue?

In some cases, cold sparks can leave a mark if they touch something directly

How Is The Cold Spark Machine Controlled?

A trained technician is always on-site to test and control the cold spark effect, using a special controller to adjust the height and duration of the effect.

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